My services go way beyond the court room and settlements. I know that each area of the law is very different and each piece must be handled with care and expertise. I make it my point to support my clients from beginning to end with counseling, advise, follow-ups, paperwork, etc. I ensure every detail of the case is covered and every i is dotted. I am committed to providing the highest quality of legal services to my clients. Being a smaller firm I have the luxury of providing my clients with more personal attention than that of a larger firm. I will be happy to help you whether you have been charged with a crime or are seeking legal counsel for yourself, your company, etc. I give all my clients the best representation available.

I am also the executive director of the Washington Agriculture Legal Foundation. For more information on the Washington Agriculture Legal Foundation click on the link.

If you do not know what your options are or if you need legal advice I suggest you call and find out what your options are under the law.

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