President of Advising Generations

I had the opportunity to meet with Dave Spetch, who is an advisor for generation based family businesses and President of Advising Generations, LLC. Dave has moved to the Columbia Basin and is a great asset for those family based businesses that need extra help in planning beyond the attorney and CPA. Dave has been published in Successful Farming magazine and has spoken at the NCBA meeting. For more on Dave go to


Washington State Agriculture Legal Foundation

Washington State Agriculture Legal Foundation

The purposes for which this organization is formed are solely nonprofit; without the inclusion of any purpose or intention of carrying on any business, trade, avocation or profession for profit.  Without limitation as to the generality of the foregoing, the following purposes are specifically stated:

1. Educational and research projects to further and protect the legal rights of those involved in agriculture and aquaculture.

2. To support private property rights, constitutional principles and the limitation of government regulation.

If you have more questions go to the Washington Ag Legal Page.