The Board of the Washington Agriculture Legal Foundation consists of Board Members from many of the sectors of agriculture present in Washington State. Our Board President, Dave Boon, is both a dairyman and a farmer with farms on the West side of the State and the Columbia Basin. The Board also consists of Jay Gordon, the Dairy Federation Executive Secretary, who serves as the Treasurer; Rick Nelson cattleman and previous president of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association, is the Board Vice-President; and Jack Field, Executive Director of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association is the Secretary. The Board is very active in the concerns and issues that face the agriculture industry in Washington State and the Nation.

Board qualifications-The bylaws state that to be on the Board, each individual or business entity must be a member of WALF. To be a member, the individual or entity must contribute, and then they shall be enrolled as a non-voting member. The duties of the officers, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, shall be such as are usually imposed upon such officials of organizations and as are required by law, and such as may be assigned to them respectively from time to time by the Board of Directors.

The term of all officers shall be for two years. All offices shall be assumed immediately following election or appointments.

If you want to be on the Board what the requirements are- A dedication to agriculture is the primary concern of this organization for any person wishing to be on the Board. To be on the Board, a person must be a member of the organization which requires a contribution. Contributions are tax deductible, as this organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3). WALF is filed as a nonprofit with both the IRS and the Washington Secretary of State. If a person wishes to be on the Board, they should contact one of the Board Members to see what the scope of work is. Board positions are voted on annually, but may be increased if the Board sees fit.

If you are interested in being on the WALF Board, please let us know as we are always looking for people that are dedicated to protecting private property and water rights!

Crop Rotation (Sunset & Cows), Dorset

Crop Rotation (Sunset & Cows), Dorset (Photo credit: flatworldsedge)