Past Cases

WALF has been actively involved in the protection of water and private property rights since 2000. WALF has helped facilitate Amicus Briefs in many cases, specifically the JOYCE LIVESTOCK COMPANY & LU RANCHING COMPANY vs. US; ONDA v. Kimbell (and related cases) and the

Trout Unlimited Project.

WALF kept abreast of the 5 Corners litigation concerning the stock watering limitation filed in Franklin County, while Washington Cattlemen’s Association joined in on the suit. Toni Meacham, for WALF, was local counsel in the Little Pend Oreille grazing case in Stevens County. WALF has also worked on projects dealing with the Methow Valley; maintenance of drainage ditches in Western Washington; and aquaculture.

WALF is active in many roles and many cases. Some involve litigation, many do not. The key is seeking the best outcome to a situation with agriculture coming out the winner.

If you are interested in WALF looking into your case or a case you may know about, please contact Toni Meacham.


Map of Washington highlighting Stevens County

Map of Washington highlighting Stevens County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)