Change in water-quality standards will affect jobs, families

Here is an exert from Sen. Mark Schoesler’s newsletter about water quality aka fish consumption.
Change in water-quality standards will affect jobs, families

Around Olympia it’s referred to as “fish consumption,” but the issue is really about the updating of water-quality standards across our state. The nickname comes from the fact that these standards – which regulate the type and amount of substances that are allowed to enter the state’s waters – are based in part on the amount of fish people consume.

These standards stem from the Clean Water Act, which involves the federal government (Environmental Protection Agency), and they must be reviewed every three years. Governor Inslee and the state Department of Ecology are on the hook to propose an update, and many government officials, employers and labor representatives are watching. They know water quality means water treatment, and water treatment costs money (think of all the communities that have wastewater treatment plants), and that means higher costs for employers and consumers.

Several organized-labor representatives gathered at the Capitol recently to offer warnings about where this could be headed. While the governor’s own communications director wondered what all the concern was about, (as reported here) I understand and agreed that labor is right to jump into the discussion (click here for my statement).